The snake in a burrow
The beasts on the plains
and the trees on a hillside
I own them.

I am them.

I own you, too.
You are of me.
You are never outside of me.
We are never apart.

You may try to leave me
To rein and conquer me
But when I strike –
When the hurricanes sweep across the land and sea –
Your stuctures shatter.

While the trees
evolved through billions of years
rooted deep in the earth
bend in the storms and endure

Your finances can not save you
Your stock markets are but
your poor illusion
a product of your imagination and greed.

You believe yourself to be the masters
over animals and the earth
lonely in the universe you spin
around yourself


Only nature can withstand Nature.
Only the natural will prevail.
I will carry you and I will feed you
I bring you all the joy you need
and heal your wounds.

But as you go against me
I will destroy you
in the end
You will not survive me.

Like death,
when I strike
you will kneel
and be back with me.

I am nature.


«Nature allways wins – in the end»  Fargeblyant, 48 x 60 cm.

Copyright Tonje Nové.





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